Gosnells 12.2 BWT


The 12.2 or Bulk Water Tanker plays an important support role in the Fire Services of Western Australia. In operation it is known as Gosnells 12.2 (Tanker).

It is primarily used to supply water for other appliances at incidents, but is also used extensively to support the use of water bombing helicopters at incidents as it carries a portable water dam (Collar Tank) that helicopters can fill from.

Nicknamed “Roger” this appliance was dedicated in memory of the late Roger Weston, first life member of the Brigade on Saturday 24 November 2013.

Vehicle Specifications

Height 3.05 metres
Width 2.8 metres
Length 8.3 metres
Weight 23 tonnes
Crew 2 persons
Engine 7.7 Litre Six Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel
Gearbox Allison 6 speed Automatic
Fuel 200 litres Diesel
Turning Circle 17.25 metres
Electrical 24-volt negative to earth
Pump Waterous CLVK Pump (Hydraulic) 1800 litres per minute
Side Lift Tieman 500kg hydraulic lift platform
Auxiliary Pump  GAAM Mk4 pump
Specialist Equipment 7500 litre portable water dam, used for filling helicopters and for water storage at isolated incidents