Gosnells 3.4 Urban

The 3.4 Urban Tanker plays an important part in the Fire Services of Western Australia. In operation it is known as Gosnells 3.4U.

Its name comes from the fact that it carries approximately 3000 litres of water and is a four wheel drive, hence 3.4.

It is a versatile fire appliance, having the capability of being used at incidents involving wildfires, structural fires, flammable liquid fires and for transferring foam concentrate.

It is capable of negotiating most situations likely to be encountered in both metropolitan and rural areas.


Based on an Isuzu FTS800 Four wheel drive (4 x 4) cab chassis powered by a six-cylinder diesel engine.

Bodywork and ancillary equipment constructed by Frontline Fire & Resuce Appliances.

Vehicle Specifications

Height 3.3 metres (to top of lights)
Width 2.9 metres
Length 8.1 metres
Weight 13.9 tonnes (GVM)
Engine 6 Cylinder Diesel
Fuel 200 litres Diesel
Transmission 6 speed manual
Steering Power assisted
Electrical 24-volt negative to earth
Pump Waterous CLVK capable of pumping 1800 litres per minute. Auxiliary Pump – 9HP Vanguard Fire Pump
Water Capacity  3,000 Litres
Foam Capacity  60 Litres of Class `A’ BFFF (Bush Fire Fighting Foam)
Hose Reel 

30 metres by 19mm high pressure hose, Viper/TOHL Branch;

50 metres by 25mm high pressure hose, Protec 360 Branch

Seating Capacity  Six, normally operated by a minimum crew of three