Once accepted as a recruit, you will be advised of the next scheduled Recruit Training Course.

Recruit Training is normally run over one night and four full days (all run after hours or on weekends) and consists of the following:

Volunteer Firefighter Induction

Run over a couple of hours, this is a quick introduction to Emergency Services in WA and will introduce you to your firefighter training, the Brigade and the Emergency Operations Centre.  This is also when you will be “fitted out” with the necessary Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment.

Bushfire Firefighting Safety

The first course all firefighters undertake, run over 2 full days, it actually includes 4 courses that cover all the necessary information to give recruits a basic awareness of firefighting safety, behaviour and suppression.

The course includes topics such as:

  • Bushfire Safety Awareness
  • Bushfire Safety and Survival
  • Bushfire Characteristics and Behaviour
  • Bushfire Suppression

Firefighting Skills

Run over 2 full days, this is your first opportunity to get hands on and “squirt some water”.  Firefighting Skills provides you the basic understanding of the equipment and techniques we ise to safely extinguish fires.

The course includes topics such as:

  • Tools and Equipment
  • Crew Protection
  • Communications and Radios
  • Map Reading

After completing your “recruit training” you will be assigned a mentor and can start attending brigade burns and incidents (under supervision).

There are numerous other training opportunities once you have completed your basic training, including:

  • AIIMS Awareness
  • Planned Burning
  • Structural Firefighting
  • Crew Leader Advanced Bush Fire
  • Pump Operations
  • On and Off Road Driving
  • First Aid/AED
  • Sector Commander
  • Machine Supervision
  • Ground Controller
  • Trainer/Assessor